Do you want to work from home? We can help.

Did you know that globally, up to 52% of workers work remotely at least one day per week. In this technology embracing decade, we can see more and more businesses employing this home-based strategy.

Most businesses are concerned with giving their customers the best experience but neglect providing their own users with multiple communication options. Having a comfortable workforce is just as important as having a variety of options for your staff to connect and communicate in the adoption of new workflows and processes. Working from home can be anything from a temporary measure to scheduling weekly or bi-weekly check-ins or for some, a permanent strategy.

We have a solution for your business regardless of which telephony system you are using. Whether cloud-based, on-premise, IP based or digital PBX, we can ensure business continuity during all times. Bria Enterprise solutions streamline work communications and let users easily, connect, communicate, and collaborate utilizing the most efficient method for them at the time.

Our solution offers

  • Voice as an extension of your office telephone system
  • Instant Video Conference for internal and external meetings with 100’s of participants
  • Instant screen and file sharing
  • Integrated instant messaging for Bria Teams users within the Virtual Meeting Room
  • Internal presence and corporate directory
  • Mobility with multi-device (Desktop and Mobile act as a single extension)
  • Fully centralised and remote provisioning and support
  • Rapid central deployment via email
  • Access for web-based participants to join from any device with a web browser
  • Access for dial-in participants, with localized phone numbers for 75 locations in 46 countries

A Bria solution enables your teams to take their business number with them, regardless of where they are and which device they are using, and also provides additional tools to easily share a presentation on their screen, and meet face to face on video calls, and even transfer files within a chat.

Having a fully centralised solution with remote provisioning and support, we can ensure swift deployment of the solution to any remote locate. Administrators can easily deploy, configure, manage, and update Bria applications from the cloud. Once set up, all users have to do is enter a username and password to start talking, reducing pain points that were once common with VoIP softphone business solutions.

Don’t leave it to the last minute. Ensure business continuity for your organisation anytime, anywhere. For a tailored solution for your business please contact our offices on +27 11 700 3800 or







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