Being the best at what you do: Top 5 tips for consistency

Working in a customer service environment can be challenging, and staying motivated can be twice as hard. I think it’s almost impossible to keep customers happy and give them the best experience if you, yourself are not happy or motivated.

Being the best at what you do means that you work towards being consistent at doing a great job and producing quality results. However, we also need to remember that it is easy to fall prey to the habit of procrastination or getting distracted by trivial and unimportant affairs of daily chores in life or work. Building self-reliance and a benchmark for consistency is no easy task either. All it needs is consistent will power and motivation to keep the show on.

How do you stay consistent?

1.   Narrow down your goals

We need milestones to reassure us whether the path we’re taking is the correct one and will soon bring us close to our ultimate destination. This is the same as having personal and professional goals.

The key to consistency is having a checklist. This will help you work harder towards crossing off those goals for your set timeline. By listing out these milestones, you get much closer to exploring your potential, testing your skills – all while learning how to remain consistent.

2.   Get organized and be systematic

Clear the clutter on your desk, as well as your calendar. Getting organized gives you clarity about your priorities and helps you manage your time better. When you’re organized, you also make time to have all the material you need closely, which helps with completing all tasks at hand quicker and saves you a lot of time. The perks?

Being organized daily gives a big boost to your consistency while also helps you with executing important assignments on time.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

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3.   Let go of the fear of failure

This involves leaving room for mistakes and learning from them. If you’re always scared of making mistakes; you’re more likely to make a lot more than when you’re not afraid of making them. You need to remember that you’re a human being and it’s possible for you to make mistakes. Being consistent comes after practice and learning from our mistakes.

Let go of your ego and open up some room for learning and a facing a few hiccups along the way.

4.   Practice, practice, practice

As I have already mentioned on my previous point, consistency is the result of practice. To be the best at what you do, you need to practice. That means taking some time to learn more about your work, and actively practising how to do it.

I’m sure we’ve all seen how most speaker practice for their amazing speeches, or the best sports teams before a big game. The same goes for anything, and that includes your work too. Before talking to a customer, do a bit of a warm-up, read through your notes, understand the product you’re selling, understand your department and what is expected of you from the customer.

As they all say; “practice makes perfect”.

5.   Visualize the results

I think you cannot be the best if you can’t see yourself being the best. When it comes to giving the best customer experience at work, you have to visualise yourself being the best at customer interaction and relations. This not only boosts your confidence, but it also helps you better your skills.

Visualization keeps us armed and motivated to execute the required actions. Visualize every intricate detail of your journey/day and you’ll be motivated to work towards turning them into a reality. This also instils uniformity in your efforts. The more often you visualize your dreams and journey, the more unfailing you will be at working hard.

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” ― Anthony Robbins

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