Join Stretto Collaboration meetings with our new Web Interface

Advanced video conferencing technology has made it possible to extend meetings beyond the typical conference room. While everyone is looking for a smoother video collaboration experience, a lot of the desktop video solutions in the market are riddled with diverse challenges — from noise distractions to interoperability barriers.

Realizing the need for an intuitive web experience, we decided to work towards a simpler and easier interface that meets the collaboration needs of modern workspaces. As a result, we introduced the new web client interface (UI) in our Stretto Collaboration module — where we upgraded the whole virtual meeting experience to a more meaningful one, allowing for hassle-free team collaboration.

We’ve seen more and more Bria Stretto users enjoy the rich conferencing experience, not only with other Bria Stretto participants, but also with external users. With this redesign we aimed for a smoother experience, especially for guests and new users who are using the solution for the first time. By eliminating some of the rougher flows and interactions, which are unavoidable when providing voice and video across browsers and platforms, this upgrade delivers a resilient, consistent video meeting performance. The new web client interface (UI) is available both on Bria Stretto™ and Bria Teams Pro.

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