Contact Center Must Haves for 2020

The future of contact centers is one that’s very technology based. The 4th industrial revolution is bringing about new trends and expectations. Organisations with contact centers must be upping their game on an ongoing basis just to keep up with trends and satisfy ever rising customer expectations. 2020 will bring about the implementation of all the powerful AI softwares we’ve been seeing and hearing about to deliver customer satisfaction and achieve more.

1.      Quality Assurance

Quality of service is determined at the intersection of many, many key performance indicators. The most important aspects to keep in mind are the following:

•      How is my Call Centre Performing?

•      Is it improving over time?

•      How are individual staff performing?

•      Are they improving over time?

•      Who needs assistance?

•      In what areas do they need assistance

Then you need to ask the hard questions about the software you are using:

•      Does it provide the ability to create multliple Quality Assurance Assessment Scorecards?

•      Does your product allow for speech analytics to eliminate or ensure the need to QA calls where specific words are used?

Having the right Analytics software in place for TTS and ASR is essential for your Contact Center.

2.      Bots and AI

Artificial intelligence is than just a chatbot or voicebot. It includes technologies such as machine learning, allowing systems to gather knowledge from many events and make it available both in real-time and historically to support Agents and their interactions with customers, increasing effectiveness and accelerating time to resolution. Meanwhile a Bot is a software based on AI which able to simulate an intelligent conversation with users on a chat (Chatbot) or voice (Voicebot) system.

Problem solved by Bots include:

•      The struggle with human error, unreliable tech and poor first call resolution rates. Which results in poor customer service.

•      Issues often only being handled 1 customer query per contact centre agent at a time

•      Expensive Contact Center to run, invest a lot of time and money into Agent training and have high staff turnover rates.

Workforce Management

A workforce management strategy typically includes scheduling, forecasting, skills management, time keeping and attendance as well as employee empowerment. This intensifies greatly the moment your contact center includes all the Omni Channel engagements. Workforce management software maximizes performance levels and competency of your contact center.

Social Media Channels activated

Studies show that that one out of every three customers prefers social media to using the phone for customer service. What people say about your company on social media is important, and it’s why you need a plan to address comments, good and bad as well as tackle general inquiries. Your social media customer service plan should help you to cultivate a brand known for something positive and inspirational. Be easily reachable and evolve from just telephonic conversations.


It is essential for the Agents to have one Interface to look at and not have to switch between dashboards. CRM integration is key in this area. Call center software will be more focused on making an agent’s life easier with the help of advanced technologies in order to help them do better. Better software means better performance and this translates to better customer experience.

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