The most important customer service skills: Top ten (10)

 1.Problem-solving and Fact-Finding

Customer service consultants need to always bear in mind that customers come to them in hopes to find solutions and some sense of relief.

One of the most fundamental attributes of good customer service is resolving the customer’s query. So, problem-solving is key and fact-finding is the skill behind that.

Problem-solving begins with having the right information, so advisors need to be skilled in fact-finding to best navigate the call.

2. Empathy

In customer service, empathy means the ability to identify with and, hence, validate the customer’s problem, and this consideration and respect for the customer usually goes a long way in giving the customer a sense of trust in the process.

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3. Emotional Intelligence

The foundation for providing great service is, first of all, the ability to simply listen to what the customer is saying and that is the best way to show emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify your own emotions and the emotions of others and then use this information to guide your behaviours.

4. Knowledgeability

Having the right knowledge to answer the customer’s query in the best way for them is an essential skill, but it is important to have some control over what advisors are learning, to ensure that it’s in the interest of the customer.

5. Tech-Savvy

When it comes to giving customers the best experiences, customer service consultants need be advanced when it comes to technology in this day-and-age.

It is also advisable for consultants to team up in training, so that the less tech-savvy advisors don’t fall behind.

6. Patience

Be patient and listen for any key pieces of information that may offer you the chance to improve rapport and maybe even offer a better solution for the customer.

7. Flexibility

Flexibility can be a great bonus for the contact centre because if advisors feel comfortable in handling different contact types, consultants can move from channel to channel to best meet demand.

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8. Sociability

It’s good for consultants to be sociable, so they can build natural rapport. Being sociable is great in creating good conversations, but make sure you don’t get to a point where the advisor dominates the conversation.

9. Motivation

Motivation is key to keep improving and doing our utmost for the customer, so it’s important to work to get to know your team to discover what motivates them as individuals.

Once we know what the advisor wants we can support that internal motivation and keep the team enthusiastic about their role.

10. Desire to Improve

In customer service, there’s always room to improve. Customer service reps who aren’t looking to improve themselves and find solutions to their own problems are going to be hard-pressed to consistently find the solutions to other people’s problems.

There are many other skills such as organisation, attentiveness and creativity that have not been included on this particular list. These can be great for boosting performance, adviser happiness and customer retention if properly developed and maintained by both the company and individuals.


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