The Importance of Omni-Channels in Customer Services

Omni-channel services play such an important role in giving customers the best experience and should not be overlooked, especially in the customer services and call centre space.

I have personally come to realize the significance of Omni-channels for businesses when I had a challenge with getting a quote from an insurance company.

Article by Doug Reid (Managing Director – SSIS)

I had asked for a quote in the early hours of the day online, however, the call centre division of the company had not yet received full details of my query. Later in the day, the call centre gets in touch with me, but by that time – I had to start the process of getting a quote all over again (which I had done online and had to do again over the phone from scratch) and now as you can already tell – I was not having a great customer experience with the business because I was left asking myself ‘why is there only one way to get processes done and communicate with the business?’

This personal story brings us back to the point that Omni-channels gives customers the ability to communicate seamlessly across service touchpoints, with a consistent quality of service and persisted context throughout the customer service journey. In my customer experience story, everything could have been processed online from the get-go.

All indications at this time have found that Omni-channel is important for customer experience. This implementation is a powerful way to optimize every channel by catering to the customer’s specific communication needs.

So, why the customer experience matters in the first place and what are the benefits of using Omni-channel service?

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1. Optimize Channels to Their Fullest Potential

The major benefit that comes from offering customers an omnichannel experience is the fact that it empowers users to personalize their own experience. The customer has the control to access the products, services, and support options on demand, there and then.

2. Combine Online, Offline, and Physical Worlds

Customers can make use of the various available channels such as mobile apps for assistance with support, contact info or payments. Agents can utilise the CRM software on their computer or phone while they speak to a customer on the phone, in person, or through a live chat to provide themselves with important context.

Combining the online, offline, and physical worlds is another great way businesses can improve the customer experience with omnichannel marketing.

3. Personalized Customer Experiences Improve Loyalty

Omnichannel offers personalized customer experiences by letting customers pick and choose what channels they want to use to interact with the business. If a customer can’t walk into the store (just like me in my story) with their phone out and app open to ask about a product, and they know they can go somewhere else and pay a little bit more for a better experience, odds are that they will spend more.

4. No Channels Are Left Behind

Omnichannel, uses every channel equally, making it close to impossible for employees to ignore if used effectively. This, of course, requires the company to make sure someone’s on top of each channel at all times to ensure it’s optimized to its fullest potential.

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5. Diversify Audience Through Different Channels

When implementing multiple channels at once, you reach out to different leads, opportunities, and customers who only interact on certain channels as a business.

You can combine that audience by allowing smoother transitions/integrations between talk, text, chat, and email channels. This is especially important for support agents because they can resolve queries faster by looking at certain channels in and out of the office.

More and more businesses in South Africa are slowly embracing the use of technology systems to improve customer experiences and it is importance that they do so because customers today know what they want and it takes incidences like mine to lose customers for good to competitors who are doing better and are prioritizing customer satisfaction and quality customer services.

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