Beat the Burnout!

This time of year that’s all I can say…. Its December again… .. All I wanted was to go back home after a not to positive business meeting curl up in bed with pancakes and a book… close the curtains and listen to the rain…… . Tell my team “I will see you all next year I am done.  Realistically speaking that is just not possible and I have responsibilities right?

Article by Janet Souter (Managing Director – SSIS)

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on any task at hand at this time of the year? Are you battling to wake up and feeling overwhelmed? Are you just tired… Well it’s that time of the year fatigue.

Don’t you feel as the year draws to a close, many people around you, even the most hard-working, feel that days are longer as they feel less energetic, irritable and and less satisfied.

I have a belief that between end of November to the end of January there are contributors that could be the pressure of deadlines as people try to wrap up their work before the break.

You are probably feeling tired, feeling grumpy, anxiety, lazy, short temper, confusion and lethargy. “These would be out of the ordinary for you and appear around this time of year.

Communication is key at this point…

“Communicating your expectations as the employer can be helpful. It is also important to try to understand the circumstances of the employee and to provide support where possible.

“Support could be offered through external parties and if you have an employee wellness programme, this is a good time to remind your employees of it and the services offered.

“Morale-boosters and words of encouragement in the workplace at this time of year can also go a long way,”

Encourage your team to seek assistance when needed to keep morale and the good culture of your business going especially in the services business.

A few tips to help you with tiredness: (Close your year well… Run your race with everything you have got to make it to the end… Its so close keep going)

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* Focus on ALL the positives you experience for 2019

* Breathe and seek support. When you feel overwhelmed, take a moment and exhale. “Focus on being in the moment and where you currently are, rather than being unnecessarily anxious about things that may (or may not!) still come.”

* Participate in things you enjoy. Use your weekends and evenings to do things that are important to you.

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*draw up a new visionary board for 2020

*do all the things at the office you never get to do because you’re to busy… Get to those tasks

* Manage stress and your time. Track your successes and remind yourself of what you have achieved this year….and give yourself a good pat on the back… Even go for a nice treat for yourself like a massage or buy something you really want.. Read some books… Take long walks… Take a hike with some friends

* Lastly, a general healthy lifestyle goes a long way in positively influencing the reaction to stressful times. Get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet and exercise. Avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine, and find healthy ways to relax and distress. Google is full of options and business’ advertising healthy ways to relax.

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My recommend tips

* Exercise – it can be done after work. No matter what it may be.

* Walk and work – use treadmill desks.

* Bring the outdoors in – with plants.

* Create breakaway spaces at work – with screens, bean bags, hammocks, standing desks and laptop- and keyboard-elevating stands.

*put umbrellas up outside with break away coffee tables especially around water areas or if you lucky to have a pool at your office.

*make a garden even do veggies

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