Customer journey – Why is it so important

In an ever-changing world with never ending customer expectations, every business will need to deliver unwavered customer experience. One of the many ways to do this is by implementing a unified platform to help your organisation deliver a consistent and personalised customer experience. This usually starts by mapping out a detailed customer journey that makes your Agents well informed whilst impressing your clients.

As defined by SuperOffice in their article entitled “Customer Journey: how a holistic strategy drives profitable growth”

“A customer journey is the complete experience a customer has with an organization.  It encompasses all customer interactions across all channels, devices and touchpoints throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle – from awareness to loyalty”.

When tracking the user activity, it is important to have in place a system that allows your organise to interact with clients across all platforms (voice, sms, webchat, email, social media, fax….). With constant changes in technology and the new ways in which people buy products or services online, it’s essential to plan and anticipate how a customer will act every step of the way.

Here are some of the reasons why Customer Journey is important

  1. Gain insight and track customer experience

This should be the biggest and most important reason why you would want to understand Customer Journey. CX is the buzzword of the moment and not just as a saying but many technology leaders are making sure they deliver the best solutions to ensure customers are satisfied. Gaining insight is about understanding your customers thoroughly enough to deliver customized experiences that will entice them to continue doing business with you.

  1. Increased Agent productivity

With an entire view of what the customer has been through and what they need, an Agent is enabled to offer exceptional service. No more time wasted trying to go through numerous files to locate information.

  1. Customer Retention

Vision Paradigm identified customer retention as key factor for customer journey and worded it as follows:

Improved customer retention, through understanding how they transit through, say, each stage of a procurement cycle to ensure the correct information is available and accessible to all stakeholders.

Map your user experience and enjoy the benefits of a smooth contact center.





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