Boosting Agent Morale

The call center industry is one of the top recorded when it comes to high employee turn over rates. Usually this is because in less involved call centers, the target workforce is young, recent school levers who are still finding themselves in the workspace. Other reasons for the high turn-over rates can be a result of job pressure or tedious nature of duties. Whatever the case may be, it is always crucial to find ways of boosting the Agent’s morale and motivation

Some basic strategies you can employ to ensure a positive impact are:

  1. Find the right KPI’s

There’s nothing more frustrating for an Agent than to have unachievable KPI’s set. Each industry and type of contact center (Inbound/Outbound/Blended) has its own ways of measuring performance, but finding the one that works is key. The KPI’s need to assist in achieving organisational goals whilst allowing Agents to perform optimally.

  1. Clear and easy escalation path

Sometimes Agents feel overwhelmed when dealing with certain queries. Even with all the training you may give Agents, it’s always advisable to have an escalation plan in place. Responsibility over a client should not entirely fall on an Agent.  At the end of the day, what’s most important is that the client gets the service timeously

  1. Structured IVR and Auto responses

Some of the tedious work that can be automated should be looked at and plans must be put in place to enforce this. The use of VoiceBot and ChatBot can be a great start. By the time the channel reaches an Agent, it is relevant and worth human interaction.

     4. Incentives

Always one of the most relevant strategies to use. Agents love a fun based incentive method that’s rewarding and achievable. Incentives should be part of any company’s budget. As defined by the business dictionary, an incentive is a monetary gift provided to an employee based on performance, which is thought of as one way to entice the employee to continue delivering positive result

   5. Sufficient training and resources

There’s nothing more frustrating than being thrown into a job with no prior training what so ever. Training is extremely important for improved employee performance. The training program enables the company to strengthen individual skills that each employee needs to improve. Promotion




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