Why coaching and gamification is important for your Agents

When you enhance your Agent training, it brings out a positive outcome on your contact center performance.  The Agents generally become proficient at addressing difficult queries or problem customers. Coaching tends to increase their sense of engagement and confidence as well as develop a more positive outlook about their role in your contact center.


Coaching makes up a big chunk of workforce optimization. Throwing Agents into the deep end and expecting results will not only ruin your business but dampen the Agents spirits. Unfortunately, many contact centers do not conduct proper introductory training and therefore completely ignore ongoing training as well.

This results in Agents feeling frustrated with their performance and thinking the job is too hard. High staff turnover in contact centers is also a result of lack of training of Agents. When an Agents feel inadequate they usually fall into bad habits or fail to adapt as the demands of the contact center change.

  1. Introduce eLearning Courses

As part of an ongoing training strategy, find key topics that you have on a continuous basis for your contact center as eLearning courses. There are many courses on offer i.e Courses for Success, Lynda Courses, IBM, Courseware, to name a few

  1. Strong Introductory Coaching

It is wise to have a training person / team onsite who spends their time researching on how to optimize your call center and Agents. This person should be responsible for the onboarding and introduction for the new Agents as a first step.

  1. Automated Training

This involves individual SLA’s, whereby an automatic training course is sent to the Agent if their SLA drops below a certain percentage. This still needs a little bit of human monitoring as well to avoid repeat automations.


Make the whole process of learning a fun experience for your Agents. By introducing Gamification into your contact center, you are encouraging proficiency, stimulating friendly competition and most of all creating a space where learning is a natural part of playing a game.

You can include ideas such as rewarding users with badges as they progress through different levels of achievement. Most contact centers have customized wallboards that allow healthy competition between Agents, they are usually accompanied by an incentive.

Why train at all

The ultimate answer to this question is Untrained Agents = Unhappy Agents = Unsatisfied Customers. Implementing training in your organisation will help you to:

  • Identify and address weaknesses in some Agents
  • Improve Agent performance
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Improve collaboration between teams and individuals

For more details on how your Agent Experience can lead to better customer satisfaction, then go and  read more by clicking on the link…..Customer and Agent Experience

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