Correlation between Employee Engagement and Customer Experience (CX)

Employee engagement strategies have been shown to retain customers, reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and increase profits. An “engaged employee” can be defined as one who is enthusiastic about their work and takes positive action to further the organization’s strategy.

Customer experience is top of mind for many organisations and a positively engaged employee contributes more than 50% towards this goal / priority. Companies that want to improve their CX strategy should therefore focus on better engagement with their employees. An engaged workforce may be the key to better customer experience.


For an organisation to have outstanding Customer Experience, it needs to have 150% more employee engagement than its competitors.

Gartner states that 89 percent of companies now expect to compete primarily on the basis of the experience they provide customers

A recent survey by StaffConnect uncovered that an overwhelming number of enterprise organizations today (74.24%) were planning to improve employee experience.

According to a Forbes report, 55% of all the companies surveyed want to be best in their industry or better than all companies in any industry when it comes to the level of CX they deliver they deliver within three years


  1. Performance Management Technologies

Performance management systems are growing significantly in the market with the main purpose of making employee evaluations more transparent to all participants in the process. PM’s transforms into higher levels of accountability and engagement across the organization. A well-managed performance evaluation process can lead employees to a better understanding of the organization’s vision and goals. PM’s assist in keeping employees informed about what is expected of them which in turn leads to improved performance.

  1. Invest in OmniChannel Technologies

An OmniChannel contact center is a multi-channel customer experience strategy that delivers a seamless experience across all touchpoints. The solution uses all channels of customer communication and maintains conversations and brand persona across those channels — from traditional telephony to digital channels like email, webchat, social media, FAX, SMS and voice. Optimal use of the OmniChannel is achieved by integrating with a brand’s CRM or ticketing systems when accessing customer profiles and relevant information in real time to offer a personalized touch. Another add on could be utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligent) technologies to understand and predict customer behavior.

  1. Two-way conversation with employees

The Performance Management systems have shortfalls so can not be used independently. Research has proven that PMs that use ranking sometimes discourage thoughtful conversations about the employee’s career and give a negative outcome to that person’s overall performance in the long term. So companies need to turn PMs into conversations and not standalone engagements. Showing employees that their input had results is an important step to ensuring that people are committed to their work

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