5 Key Benefits of an Auto Dialer for your Contact Centre

Did you know that on an average, for every 100 calls manually dialed, only 14 reach the right person? Dialers can automate the handling of these failed calls, and this feature alone could lead to a 150% to 400% rise in the productivity of your contact centre agents. An intelligent outbound auto dialer has features such as a setting for maximum call drops, automated message to a dropped call, revert on dropped calls, and setting time parameters for each call.

What is a Dialer and how does it work:

An auto dialer is an outbound call centre solution that automatically dials customer telephone numbers and can deliver important information through an automated message, or can connect a customer to a live agent once the call has been answered.

Predictive Dialer – As soon as a customer answers, an agent is connected to them. Based on the average time it takes the agent to wrap up a call, the dialer “predicts” when the agent will be available again and begins calling multiple numbers. The agent will immediately be connected to a new customer when they hang up their previous call.

Progressive Dialer – Progressive dialing minimizes wasted time between calls by automatically dialing a number from a call list as soon as an agent becomes available. Unlike predictive dialers, which make multiple calls at once before an agent is available, progressive dialers make calls one after the other, and only when there is an agent ready for a customer to answer

Implementing predictive dialing technology or the effective outbound customer care strategy involves advanced call processing and utilization of CTI technology. However, this alone will not guarantee success. The entire contact centre environment, which includes people, processes, and technology, should work together as a single unit to make this happen.


  1. Enhanced Agent Efficiency:

The most tangible benefit of an auto dialler is the huge increase in agent talk time per hour when compared to a non-dialler environment . The time and effort required to dial a number, listen to voicemail, deal with busy tones and no-answer or schedule call backs eat away 10-15 minutes of talk time per hour. This, in the long run, affects the productivity of the organization to a great extent.


  1. Increased Productivity with Blended Campaigns:

Predictive dialers offer the ability to deal with inbound and outbound calls simultaneously. With an auto dialer, the agent remains connected to clients via a“blended’ campaign, in which the same team of agents handles both outbound and inbound calls at the same time. It automates and balances the process of switching between inbound and outbound calls, with features like call queuing and variable dial ratios. It also allows flexibility for multi-tasking, which positively boosts their morale, especially in high throughput predictive dialing campaigns.

  1. High Rate of Prospect to Client Conversion:

Once the data is uploaded to a dialer manually or via database synchronization, the hot prospects need to be contacted on a priority basis. Agents need to call the prospects promptly, more so in the case of sales leads. Auto-dialers ensure this, while also automating the process of recycling (calling back) voicemails, busy numbers and calls not answered. Thus, a large percentage of leads are followed up on very quickly and professionally within a short span of time, increasing the sale conversion rate substantially.

  1. Agent morale

This is a very important issue in a call centre, whether inbound, outbound, sales or debt collection. Despite popular thought, diallers generally improve agent morale by streamlining their work, enhancing their productivity and accelerating the sales or debt collection rate. This also translates into better incentives and recognition for them. And we all know that happy employees ensure happy customers! Most sales agents are paid commission; the auto dialler simply makes it possible to earn more commission. Furthermore, the dialler strips away mundane, repetitive tasks such as dialling phone numbers, manually dispositioning calls and listening to endless ringing tones. Most agents would not move back to a non-dialler environment once they have worked with one.

  1. Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

Auto dialer software provides insights into call centre operations and agent activities through customizable reports and dashboards. Real time dashboards improve Call Centre Manager’s decision making ability and helps agents to take quick actions to improve by identifying the problems in real time. Auto dialer softwares also give quick access to call recordings that help managers to monitor agents’ performance and ensure call quality levels. Key call centre metrics can be easily tracked and measured at specific intervals to achieve higher operational efficiency.

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