Benefits of ScopServ in Customer Service

Great read from our Sales Development Consultant on how ScopServ can improve your Customer Service calls

  • More customer focused approach in handling queries, which will positively affect customer service & satisfaction.
  • Retention of and identification of the best floor agents relating to customer complaints/ claims/ compliments/ requests.
  • Increase customer retention by monitoring post-sale services and escalation of issues as they arise.
  • Identifying key problem areas and analysing customer complaints through a measurable; qualitative & quantitative reporting GUI.
  • Improve efficiency of staff in handling customer queries.
  • To Implement training & development processes for staff members to improve quality of service.
  • To reduce turn-around related to the QA of all agents by the QA management team, giving them more time to deal with other pressing matters.
  • The main benefit would be the retention of customers through a customer orientated approach.

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